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Designing to Achieve Sustainability and Longevity

Sustainability can be used as a marketing tool by many, but it is inherent in my collections and runs through the veins of my designs. A design that is worth keeping cannot be designed, mass produced and delivered to the consumer in a week.

My philosophy is about quality not quantity, limited editions not excessive availability.

Each step of my design development journey is considered to engender longevity, and as such takes time to create, like a piece of art, in the aspiration that it is cherished.


Sourcing high quality components that have as low an impact on the environment as possible, where the provenance is known. Luxury base fabrics, mainly silks that retain their quality in years to come.

ethereal samples.JPG

Print Design

Hand painted prints, digitally printed onto fabrics, using inspiration from places and nature that I have seen on my travels, captured through my photography and then re-imagined into bespoke exclusive designs. Meticulously designed to evoke conversations about our environment and to inspire people to have a greater appreciation for it.

Hand Crafted

Techniques developed by hand to add dimension to my designs to embody luxury.

Applique, Embroidery, Devoré, Cutwork


Consumer Research

Continuously researching the market to identify timeless fashion, alongside current fashion trends with longevity. As well as researching the end consumer in order to understand their needs and desires and understand what encourages them to connect with a style for longer.

Designing with the customer at heart so we can journey together to change the way we interact with our clothes to buy less and cherish them for longer.

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